8th Circuit Affirms Dismissal of Claims Against SAKG Client

After Certon Software, Inc. sued SAKG’s client EaglePicher Technologies, LLC in the Western District of Missouri in 2017, Timothy Stockton moved to intervene in the case and substitute himself as plaintiff, alleging the claim belonged to him pursuant to a Stock Purchase Agreement. SAKG moved to dismiss Stockton’s intervenor complaint in the District Court for lack of standing, arguing Stockton had not proved his standing by a preponderance of the evidence, and that an excerpted copy of the Stock Purchase Agreement upon which Stockton relied did not establish his standing. The District Court granted EaglePicher’s motion, and on July 8, 2021, the 8th Circuit affirmed, agreeing with the District Court and SAKG’s arguments that Stockton did not sustain his burden to prove his standing in response to EaglePicher’s motion. As a result, all claims against EaglePicher remain dismissed. With Brent Coverdale’s assistance, Cameron Grant handled briefing and argument in the District Court and the 8th Circuit.

Cameron Grant

Brent Coverdale